Standards for effective communication

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We only really experience fulfillment in life when we’re making a difference in the lives of other people. It doesn’t come through what we ‘get’ but what we ‘give’ to others. The most valuable thing we can give someone is our time, and fulfillment in life comes through knowing that we’ve invested our time wisely into the lives of people who have benefited from us and have appreciated us.

OPENNESS – Some people are not open at all. They’ve developed a set of beliefs about who they are and how life is and they genuinely believe that they have all the answers. Those who automatically disagree with you without attempting to understand what you’re saying, are not open. They’re not open to you and your message. This is not to say that they’ll never be open, but they’re not open right now.

RECEPTIVE – People can be open to hearing your perspective, but if they are unwilling to apply and take on board what you’re saying then your wisdom and life lessons are wasted.

APPRECIATION – Someone who is appreciative of your time. They value the time you’re offering them and don’t take it for granted.

AVAILABLE – Some people will be more interested in what’s going on in their
own mind than what you have to say. If this is the case, then they’re not actually appreciative of you and your time or open to what you’re saying.

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